Date of Last Update: 08/14/2023

This user agreement and other rules found on the Website regulate the terms and conditions of the services provided by and the rules for using the Website. By accepting this Agreement when creating a Service Request or a Professional Profile through the Website, or by starting to benefit from the Website, the User is deemed to have committed to complying with this Agreement. Saastech reserves the right to unilaterally change or amend this Agreement for the continuity of its intermediary services, for technical necessities that may arise in the future, or for compliance with regulations, provided that it does not work against the interests of the Users.


Saastech ensures the content created by Service Providers and Service Recipients, such as services, products, or service request information, to be present on the Website, in accordance with the content provided and within the framework of this Agreement. Saastech is merely a platform and is not the owner or provider of the services listed on the Website.


Membership on the Website is free of charge. Members can request multiple services simultaneously using a single member account. The creation and protection of the password are the responsibility of the user. User information and password should not be shared and should be carefully guarded. The member is directly responsible for the malicious use of the account by others due to their negligence.

When creating a member account, the information such as name, address, phone number, email, and tax office provided to the Website must be current, accurate, and complete. Saastech is not obliged to verify the accuracy and currency of such information. The responsibility for any damages suffered by members or third parties due to incorrect or incomplete information lies with the respective member.


Service Recipients can change or cancel a confirmed service request by sending an email to [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to the reservation time.

Cancellation of service should be done through the communication channels provided on the Website and cannot be done outside the Website.


In cases where the Online Payment System is used in collaboration with Saastech's payment partner, the relationship between the payment institution, Service Recipient, and Service Provider is independent of Saastech. The fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by relevant legislation and responsibility lies with the respective payment institution.

When the Online Payment System is used, if required by relevant legislation, invoices or other necessary documents for the service are issued by the respective Service Provider. Saastech is only responsible for issuing invoices to Service Providers for commission fees or communication rights related to the services it provides.

In situations where service fees are paid by Service Recipients using the Online Payment System, if requested by Saastech, refunds can be made or instructions can be given to the designated payment institution. Saastech reserves the right to instruct the payment institution not to transfer the respective amount in case of inadequate or faulty performance of services, inability to find a suitable Service Provider for the Service Request, or cancellation of service.

If payment institutions are involved in the Online Payment System, Saastech is responsible for providing necessary instructions to the respective institution for the payment or refund of relevant amounts. The responsibility for storing user information and ensuring secure transaction processing lies with the payment institution.


Service Recipients have the right to withdraw from the contract without any reason within 14 days of making an agreement with the Service Provider, provided that the service has not been performed. This right is available in the Reservation System until 24 hours before the start time of the service. The exercise of the right of withdrawal can be communicated by sending a written notification with the subject "Cancellation Request" to [email protected] within this period.


Saastech bears no responsibility in the offer, acceptance, contract, and payment stages between Service Recipients and Service Providers. Saastech does not guarantee that there will be harmony between Service Recipients and Service Providers or that a suitable Service Provider will be found or retained for the service in the Service Recipient's region, at the desired time and place.

Any and all liabilities related to services obtained from Service Providers through the Website are the responsibility of the Service Providers. Saastech does not assume any responsibility.

Saastech does not endorse or recommend the Service Providers or their services, and it does not guarantee their performance or the quality of the provided services. Saastech may rank, rate, and categorize Service Providers using algorithms within the system, based on User ratings and reviews. However, this does not imply a guarantee or endorsement by Saastech.

Saastech is not liable for any damage that may occur to Service Recipients or third parties during the provision of services by Service Providers, whether during or outside the course of the service.

Any and all obligations arising from tax, fees, payments, and similar matters related to service contracts between Service Providers and Service Recipients are directly the responsibility of the parties themselves. Saastech is not classified as a seller, provider, manufacturer, producer, dealer, agent, advertiser, or media company, within the scope of the Consumer Protection Law and related legislation, due to the services and products listed on the Website operated by Saastech.

Saastech is not responsible for problems or damages arising between Service Recipients and Service Providers or the sharing of the Service Recipient's information with Service Providers for the purpose of providing the service. Saastech's purpose is to facilitate the smooth provision of the service through the sharing of this information. Saastech is not responsible for the unauthorized use, sharing, or transfer of this information for advertising, marketing, personal, or any other purposes without the consent of the Service Recipient, nor for any problems or damages that may arise between the Service Recipient and the Service Provider(s).


Service Recipients are solely responsible for any administrative, legal, and criminal liabilities that may arise due to their non-compliance with the conditions of this Agreement.

Service Recipients will not contact Service Providers without Saastech's knowledge, with the intention of excluding Saastech, obtaining a lower price, or avoiding the payment of commission fees, in relation to a Service Request created through the Website.

Service Recipients acknowledge that, to the extent permitted by the legislation, their credit card information may be stored in the payment institution system with which Saastech has an agreement, and they authorize the sharing of this information with system operators. Saastech is not responsible for any problems that may arise in the payment institution system.

Service Recipients are responsible for all taxes related to the service, except for taxes based on Saastech's income.


For orders related to Home Cleaning (Daily Cleaning Services), the TC numbers of the user and the service provider are transmitted to the Social Security Institution (SGK) by Saastech online, and daily employer and employee registration is made. If the user responds "YES" to the confirmation message sent to their mobile phone number, the daily accident insurance for the service provider sent to the address is carried out by SGK. The cost of daily accident insurance is passed on to the user by the operator.